Citra-Shield BioCide is a GREEN exterior algae removal and control solution for cleaning & maintenance of exterior surfaces


Citra-Shield Biocide attacks the roots and removes green and black algae, moss, mildew, fungus and lichen stains and helps to prevent them from returning with regular maintenance.

  • Approved Ingredients
  • Biodegradable
  • No Damages
  • Safe to Plants
  • No Power Washing Needed
  • No Chlorine’s or Bleaches
  • Alternative to Pressure Washing
  • No rinsing required

What to expect from your treatment:

The treated surface will become a brown tea color, which happens for two reasons, First, the change notifies the application crew that they have attained complete coverage. Second, our customers can see the Citra-Shield Biocide starting to take effect. Once Citra-Sheild Biocide is finished reacting with algae, the color will disappear, which takes about one day.

When will your surface be completely algae free?

Citra-Shield Biocide works with nature, eating the algae at a cellular level, while working towards the roots. The more algae, the longer the process. Citra-Shield Biocide is a time released design and works in conjunction with the rain and the sun. You will see signs of improvement daily. Contact us to schedule your free site review so we can determine what we can do for your buildings exterior surfaces.

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